Is Canon EOS 1200D Really Worth It?

If you are someone who is passionate about photography and looking for a way to get into this field then you are at the right place. Picking the right camera that suits your skillset can make a huge difference when it comes to starting photography. It isn’t about having a high end camera but it’s more about getting the right one. And, when it comes to entry level or mid-range DSLRs, you can never go wrong with the Canon.

Canon comes with a wide range of DSLRs including quite a few entry level and low to mid-range DSLRs. When it comes to Canon EOS 1200D, it falls in the lower or entry level DSLRs. This is because of its easy to use and limited features. However, its reasonable price makes up for what it lacks in terms of features when compared to high end DSLRs.


Before any further a due, let’s see what the Canon EOS 1200D has to offer.

Size: 8.7 x 12.3 x 14.2 inch size of the Canon EOS 1200D makes it a medium sized DSLR. It isnt really huge but it isn’t a small piece as well.

Weight: Canon EOS 1200D comes with a 480 grams of weight which is very reasonably considering the dimensions of the machine. You can expect it to be lighter than it looks. With this size and weight, you don’t have to worry about getting tired while holding this for longer periods of time

Lens and Sensor: Comes equipped with a 1 / 2.3 APS-C CMOS sensor and 18 MP camera. It also features a Digic 4 processor. So, not the best among its competitors but not the least either

LCD: Canon EOS 1200D also comes with an LCD screen which helps in looking at your pictures a lot of easier. It is a 3 inch LCD (fixed).

More Information

ISO, AF and Burst Mode: When it comes to ISO, it comes with a 100-6400 ISO range and 3 fps burst or continuous shooting. The autofocus is a 9 point autofocus (f/5.6 cross-type AF point at center).

Video: Canon EOS 1200D features a 1080p HD full video capturing functionality

Battery Life: When it comes to battery life, Canon EOS 1200D isn’t the best in its category. It will deliver 500 shots per charge which isn’t the best but quite reasonable.

Aluminum body: The aluminum body of the Canon EOS 1200D is certainly a plus especially if this is your first DSLR. Yu can never go wrong with an aluminum casing when it comes to safety.