Who should buy Nikon D3300?

Whether you are a professional or just a hobbies, you will agree that getting started in the photography isn’t that easy. Yes, technically, all you have to do is to buy a decent camera and you are good to go. But, choosing the right camera that suits your style and skillset can make a huge difference. Imagine buying a DSLR that offers so many features and requires a lot of adjustments to get a good shot as your first camera. This won’t be the end of the world but it definitely will make the task a lot harder for you.

Who should buy Nikon D3300?

So, let’s start by exploring the Nikon D3300 which is a perfect fit for anyone who is getting into the photography field. Nikon D3300 is categorized into a low to mid-range of the DSLRs in the market. This is mainly because Nikon D3300 comes with a decent set of features that are good enough to be used by an amateur photographer and easy enough to be used by a completely newbie. So, if you are a person who is planning on getting into the photography field or you are getting your second or third camera to improve your skillset, Nikon D3300 should be on your shopping list.

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Now, let’s start by looking at what the Nikon D3300 has to offer.

Size: It comes in a size of 4.88 x 3.86 x 2.99 inches which is pretty decent, to be honest. If you don’t have any idea about this sizing then consider this size a medium ranged size. It won’t be too big or too small.

Weight: Nikon D3300 is 460 grams heavy which is, again, very decent. It isn’t the lightest piece of machinery in the market but it isn’t heavy enough to tire you out in half an hour.

Lens and Sensor: This set is equipped with a 24.2 MP camera and APS-C CMOS sensor. If you have no idea about the APS-C and CMOS sensor then don’t worry. APS-C gives you a 1.5x crop factor vs 35mm or Full Frame and CMOS is a technology used to capture the digital images. This is just a general overview, we will suggest you do a thorough research on these if you want to completely understand these terms.

LCD: Nikon D3300 also comes with an LCD screen to look at the photographs you took. It is a 3.0″ 921k-dot LCD. However, the LCD is a fixed LCD. This means that you won’t be able to move or turn the LCD.

ISO, AF and Burst Mode: This machine comes with an ISO 100-12800 (expandable to 25600) and 11-point AF (1 cross-type). You will also be able to capture in 5 fps burst/continuous shooting modes

Video: If you are wondering about the video, Nikon D3300 offers a 1080 60p HD video capability as well

Battery Life: Battery life of the Nikon D3300 is also one of the best in its category. You will enjoy a battery life of 700 shots on this DSLR

Guide Mode: Let’s not forget about the easy to use interface and Guide Mode of Nikon D3300. It is a very user friendly camera with self-explanatory user interface. You will easily navigate through the menu and settings. Its overall design is also a breeze to use. It also comes with a Guide Mode which makes the task of using this device even easier.