Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E Watch Review By A Byte Apart

Who doesn’t love a nice timepiece, right? We all dream of a timepiece that is versatile enough to be used on all occasions or scenarios. However, not every wrist watch is designed for this. Most of these timepieces are designed for certain scenarios like a sports watch or a watch for formal gatherings. But, Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E is a timepiece that will complement every environment and will require very little or no maintenance at all. Which makes using this timepiece a breeze.


Versatility and low maintenance aren’t the only features of Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E, let’s have a thorough look at what this timepiece has to offer.

Size and weight: Since size matters when it comes to wrist watches, let’s start by having a look at the size of this timepiece. The Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E comes with a case diameter 42mm and thickness of 11.5mm. With only 5.44 ounces of weight, this timepiece won’t be hard to carry.

Display: Now, let’s talk about the display. Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E is equipped with an analog display and Mineral crystal dial window. You will be able to see the Calendar date (at 3’0 clock position) as well.

Overall Look: The overall look of this timepiece is quite elegant. The band, which is 22mm wide, is coated with stainless steel and the bezel, which is stationary, is also made up of stainless steel. The overall stainless steel look will rock almost every outfit.

Quartz and water resistance: This timepiece has a Japanese quartz and has water resistance up to 330 ft. So, don’t be afraid to jump in the water while wearing this timepiece.

Battery: The Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E requires very low maintenance thanks to its stainless steel plated body and solar powered batteries. These light powered batteries will free you from the hassle of getting batteries every month.

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All in all, it’s a very decent wrist watch. Nothing really spectacular but considering its low price, it offers a lot more than its competitors. Its water resistance, overall look and maintenance free design will surely keep you happy.