Vacuum Ejectors vs. Other Vacuum Generators

Vacuum ejectors, if you don’t know already, are vacuum producing devices that are simple in design and require just the compressed air or a motive gas to generate vacuum. The reason why they are really simple and require only the motive gas in order to work and generate vacuum is because of the venturi principle. This gives these products a huge advantage over other vacuum generators. Let’s have a deeper look at what benefits they have to offer.

Vacuum Ejectors vs. Other Vacuum Generators

No moving parts: The very first thing you will notice is that vacuum ejectors have no mechanical parts at all. The main reason behind this is that they don’t really need any mechanic or moving parts to generate vacuum. This also serves as a low maintenance because there will be less wear. This further adds another advantage of no vibrations which is also a plus because vibrations can be harmful for parts around the vibrating device.

No heat: When it comes to heat generation, these vacuum pumps win as well. Since they have no mechanical parts and they don’t require electricity or any other energy source to run, they don’t create any heat. This is a huge advantage that sets vacuum ejectors apart from other vacuum generating equipment. Since there is very little or no heat at all, this increases the longevity of the vacuum ejectors as well.

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